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Luchan Suewongprayoon - Vatel

Luchan Suewongprayoon

Hotel Owner

Chann Bangkok Noi Hotel
Class of 2018

Bangkok, Thailand Return

When I was little, I dreamed of being a businessman... But I had no idea how to go about it!"  These were the words of a young Luchan Suewongprayoon’s  and his ambitious projects when he set eyes on the center of Bangkok and its wonders. He discovered hotels, sometimes nearly as high as the sky, their excellent services, smiles and happiness that seemed to be omnipresent there. No other choice than Vatel for him. And to be even freer and more creative, when he finished his BBA, he decided to open the Chann Bangkok Noi Hotel.

 In Thai, chann means the patio or the porch linking the outside to houses, where everyone meets up. "From generation to generation, Thai families are the epitome of human warmth and hospitality. All the family members live together harmoniously in a space fitted out in separate houses leading to the chann, this shared space. I want Chann not just to be a hotel, but to be 'the hotel'," explains Luchan. Though he learned a lot at Vatel, Luchan wants to convey the frame of mind and sense of serving others in priority. As he puts it: "Vatel encouraged my dream and gave me the resources to fly on my own. Believe in your dream, never give up. Vatel is the right place to lead you towards success.

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